Hunger-Free Latin America and the Caribbean Initiative

V Meeting of the 2025 Working Group

5 y 6 de mayo, 2011

Meeting documents
  • Report on the Results of the Fifth Meeting of the 2025 Working Group (GT2025). [download]
  • HFLAC progress report 2010-2011. [download]
  • Sanches P., Adoniram. May 2011. Family Agriculture: conceptual evolution, challenges and institutional framework. [download]
  • Dárdano, Carmen, FAO AGN and consulting team in LAC. May 2011. Good practices in food and nutrition communication and education programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean. [download]

Secretariat of the Initiative

  • HFLAC Support Project Work Programme 2011-2012. [download]
  • New web page and proposed south-south cooperation platform. [download]

National Plans

  • Guyana: Bobby Gossai Jr., Analista Mayor del Ministerio de Agricultura. [download]

Políticas, Planes, Programas y Acciones Subregionales

  • CARICOM. Sergio García, Gerente de Proyectos de Agricultura e Industria. [download]