Hunger-Free Latin America and the Caribbean Initiative

Strategic Approach

The Hunger Free Latin America and the Caribbean Initiative, and its strategic vision to eradicate hunger from the region, is an articulating framework that allows linking –from the HFLACI Support Project- the different actions that FAO carries out at the global, regional and national level. This includes an alignment between the institutional objects expressed in the regular program, global projects and field program projects in the countries, taking advantage of complementarities and synergies and achieving the most effect and visibility of the technical cooperation processes.

This articulation has allowed strengthening the support that the FAO offices in the region and in the countries give to the Initiative, by developing specific actions in the countries and at the regional levels, in areas of their interest, and by systemizing experiences, lessons learned and good practices. It has also strengthened the processes of impact in public policies, given that the efforts of the different projects are mutually supported and strengthened.