Hunger-Free Latin America and the Caribbean Initiative

Donor Countries

The work of FAO in the region is in-line with the goals of the Hunger Free Latin America and the Caribbean Initiative (HFLACI). The main resources the organization’s projects, which are in keeping with the Initiative, can count on come from:


Spain-FAO Program: In order to strengthen the processes of planning, identification, formulation, execution and evaluation together with the projects based on establishing an improvement in the efficiency of the support and the results of development, since 2006, the Spain-FAO program has worked on supporting initiatives related mainly to Food Security and Nutrition by pledging to multilateralism and to working together with the United Nations system.

Their main goal is to fund and assist in identifying, designing, and carrying out the projects and activities that are done in FAO’s Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (FAORLC) in the areas of Food Security, Family Agriculture, Transboundary Diseases and Emergencies, as well as in other areas of interest also shared by FAO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain and the Spanish Cooperation.

The support the Program gives to HFLACI is consistent with the general and specific goal of the III Master Plan for Spanish Cooperation 2009-2012 (III PD) and it is in coordination with its horizontal priority “fight against poverty” and its sectorial priority “rural development and fight against hunger”, and with the principles and focuses of the III PD articulated in a “Common and Shared Policy for Human Development”, where aspects such as the focus based on rights and the endogenous development and support to the public policies of the countries become the reference framework for the Initiati


The International Cooperation Program Brazil-FAO: This started in 2008 after signing an agreement to establish an international cooperation program between the Government of Brazil and the Regional Office of the Food and Agricultural Organization for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations (FAO).

The actions of the Program Brazil-FAO are directed at strengthening aspects related to the institutional capacity of the countries to elaborate food security and nutrition policies, at the national and at the regional level.

The initiatives of the Program Brazil-FAO are in keeping with two spheres of action of the countries on which it focuses. First, in national short-term policies, which implement measures aimed at restoring the agricultural production chains and systems in order to ensure access to food in case of socio-natural disasters. And second, in the strengthening of medium-term and structural national measures, which take four central elements into consideration: Increase of family agriculture as supplier of food for the population; promotion of public food markets as a new consumption space and energizer of local economies; updating the public institutionality linked to food security: and contributing to achieving that access to food by all the citizens in the countries is guaranteed.